City Builder

Traffic Manager

Have you ever thought of what could be like to control a construction company?

Decide wisely when choosing where and what kind of buildings you'd like to build. Organize the transport of the various building materials, buy machinery, hire professionals and plan the budget for each constructions. Your consultant, Helga, will be on your service guiding you and warning you before something goes wrong.


The Challenge

Concurrent companies will compete you and try to make their companies profitable by trying to be quicker and more efficient than the others. If you seem to be a successful director then the mayor of the city will hire you for certain building constructions which can highly increase your income but will come with a great responsibility. Mind the location of your buildings, as a well located house can increase the price when a real estate agent tries to sell it. Decide where to buy certain building materials as there can be huge differences in price between the various markets. If you have temporary financial problems then you can apply for a loan as well.
Make your company prosperous and build a huge and beautiful city where the mayor is also satisfied with your work.

Controlling the Game

The game is controlled by the mouse. You can scroll with the right mouse button or use the mini map to quickly jump to remote locations.

Sound and Music

Nice ambient music tracks will provide the atmosphere for the game and construction sounds will make the game more vivid.