Traffic Manager

Traffic ManagerWould you be able to design and manage the traffic system of a whole city?

Nobody likes traffic jams, smog or inadequate public transportation. This time these things are all up to you. Now you have to plan, create and maintain the road network of the city. Synchronize traffic lights, and create bus, as well as tram services for the citizens of the city so they can comfortably get to work or home. Expand, repair and set road directions to reach optimal traffic flow.

The Management

Hire workers and purchase construction machinery to maintain and expand the road network. Observe the travelling habits of the citizens on the strategic map and improve the public transportation services. You have the opportunity to select from a wide scale of vehicles. Build bus and tram stops and create the most optimal routes and schedules. City officials will reward you for keeping the level of the smog at the minimum and maintaining an efficient public transportation network. The citizens of the city will give you feedback, so that you can improve upon the level of the transportation services or take corrective measures, should that be necessary.

The Challenge

By providing efficient and comfortable services, you have to convince more and more people to resort to public transportation, thus eliminating traffic jams. Fight the smog, because heavy pollution decreases the morale of the citizens. Be advised by weather forecasts, so that you can prepare for snowstorms and icy roads in time. The ice may damage the roads during the winter, so when the spring arrives, you have to take care of the proper maintenance of the roads. Synchronize traffic lights and create green waves to allow continuous traffic flow. Create separate bus lanes to ease bus traffic. Be on the guard and be ready to act swiftly if one of your buses breaks down in the middle of the road, a traffic light goes out or there is an accident somewhere in the city. Widen roads and set their direction to reach optimal level of traffic flow. Set transit routes decrease the number of transit traffic in the city centre.

Controlling the Game

The game can be controlled by the mouse. You can easily zoom in and out or switch to the strategic maps.

Sound and Music

Traffic and environment sounds. Dynamic music that reacts to changes in time of the day.



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